The Benefits of Rain-X

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Most of us have driven in the midst of a rainstorm and it is not pleasant. Even if you have the best wipers on your car, you can still experience difficulty seeing properly through your windshield, which can lead to serious accidents. But what if there was a product that could repel raindrops, improve visibility, and ensure a safer drive? Good news, there is! Enter Rain-X®.

It is important to keep the glass clean, for safe driving. Man cleaning car.

What Is Rain-X?

Rain-X is an exterior glass water repellent treatment that drastically improves visibility when driving during harsh weather conditions. It is designed to combat all wet-weather driving nuisances, including snow and sleet. It even helps prevent dirt, mud, and insects from sticking to automobile glass surfaces. 


How Is Rain-X Applied? 

Applying Rain-X to a car is quick and simple. Before you begin, it’s important to note that the solution should only be applied in temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. First, clean the exterior of the vehicle and ensure it is fully dry. Then, spray the solution onto a small dry cloth and apply it to the auto glass using a frim and circular motion. Let dry then apply a second coat. You may see a slight haze after the application, which is expected. This can be removed using a dry cloth once the second coat is dry, or by applying water over the surface and wiping off. 


How Long Does Rain-X Last? 

Rain-X usually lasts around three months. Depending on weather conditions, the product may need to be reapplied earlier or may last longer. 


Applying Rain-X to your car may seem easy, but applying a new coat too soon can cause build-up. Additionally, incorrect application or failure to buff the solution can also reduce the product’s performance. Rain-X can also damage your vehicle’s paint. For these reasons, it’s always best to let a professional car wash attendant apply Rain-X on your vehicle. 

The specialists at Best Shine Car Wash and Detail in Boca Raton, Florida are experienced at applying Rain-X and include it in most of their car wash services or as an independent service. If you are considering a Rain-X treatment, visit Best Shine Car Wash today.