What Is a Spot Free Rinse?

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When you take your vehicle to a car wash, you’ve probably noticed that among the included services is a spot free rinse. But what exactly does that mean? What are the benefits of a spot free rinse compared to a regular rinse? Let’s take a closer look. 

hands of a couple washing the car with sponge and water hose

The Difference Between a Spot Free Rinse and a Regular Rinse

A spot free rise differs from a standard rinse in the sense that spot free systems use water that has been softened and/or filtered through reverse osmosis, distillation, or deionization. These processes remove contaminants and particles that can harm your vehicle, otherwise known as Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS. 


Understanding TDS: The Reason Behind Car Spotting 

TDS can include a number of minerals and metals, such as calcium, aluminum, sodium, magnesium, nitrates, phosphates, and others. If TDS are present in the rise used during a car wash, they tend to leave behind unsightly and hard-to-remove spots after they evaporate. 


What Happens If You Leave Spots on Your Car?

Spot free rinses prevent spots on your car, but if you already have spots, it’s important to remove them as quickly as possible. Leaving TDS spots on your car can lead the minerals and metals to bond to the vehicle’s exterior, causing damage to the automobile’s surface. 

At the very least, these minerals and metals can cause your car to appear lackluster. However, at worst, TDS can corrode the protective clear coat on your vehicle. Corrosion only gets worse over time. Eventually, the protective coat will be completely dissolved. Once that happens, your car’s actual paint finish will be deteriorated. 


Get a Professional Spot Free Rinse in South Florida

Preventing and treating spots on your car is an essential process for any car wash establishment. At Best Shine Car Wash and Detail in Boca Raton, Florida, we always finish a wash with a spot free rinse to preserve the integrity of your vehicle’s clear coat and paint. We even go a step further, wiping your vehicle down by hand to ensure no spots are left behind and that your car leaves our facility in pristine condition. Visit us today for a professional car wash.