How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Car

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It can happen to the best of us. Maybe you decided to have a snack while sitting in traffic or perhaps you inadvertently parked your car under a tree or near a bush. Come morning, when you’re getting into your car to drive to work you notice some unwanted hitchhikers in your vehicle — ants!

Cleaning of interior of the car with vacuum cleaner, Car cleaning

Living in South Florida, ants are a common pest problem. However, an ant infestation in your car is a serious matter and can be extremely difficult to control. Sure, you may get the occasional straggler, but when you start to notice several ants in your vehicle, it’s time to take swift action. The sooner you tackle your automobile ant problem, the easier it will be to remedy. Below are some steps to take if you have ants in your car. 


Change Parking Spots

One reason for having ants in your car may be due to parking in a wooded area or near (or over) an anthill. If this is the case (provided you don’t have any food source for the ants to remain in your car), move your vehicle to a different area and the ants should soon exit. 


Remove Trash 

Depending on the type of ants that have invaded your car, they may be attracted to food, foliage, or even other products. Get rid of any wrappers, bottles or cans, paper, and anything with glue, as some types of ants will feed on this. 


Clean and Vacuum Your Car

Ants found their way into your vehicle because there was something for them to munch on, even if you may not see it. The next step is to thoroughly clean and vacuum every crevice of your automobile. Remove floor mats and clean them thoroughly, then vacuum over and underneath your seats, dashboard, cup holders, center console, air vents, and trunk. Use an air blower to remove foliage that may have accumulated on the exterior of your vehicle, such as the hood, between door seals, wheels, and any other exposed areas. Finally, use specialized interior cleaning products on the interior of your car (including the carpet) as well as the exterior.


Set Up Traps  

In extreme circumstances, you may need to set up ant traps or use liquid solutions to tackle the ant infestation. Traps can be set up underneath car seats or even on exterior areas that you’ve noticed an ant trail. Spraying chemical pesticides is a last resort and one that is best left to a professional. 


If you’ve tried everything you can to eliminate an ant problem in your vehicle, it may be time to consider a thorough car detail. At Best Shine Car Wash and Detail, our experts will thoroughly examine your automobile, then use specialized and non-toxic materials to clean both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Call us today at 561.368.3333 to discuss your individual treatment solution.