Understanding the Different Types of Exterior Car Washes

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When people visit a Car Wash for a standard cleaning, they are usually seeking an exterior wash, as opposed to a complex detailing service. A regular wash may sound simple, however, there are multiple types of exterior car washes to choose from. Let’s take a look at each one in further detail.

Detailed vehicle cleaning to washing


Basic Car Wash

A basic car wash offers exactly what the name entails, just a standard, typical exterior wash. Your car will be lathered with a foam-based cleaner, rinsed, and dried. These types of washes can be automated (meaning that brushes or wipes are used to aid in the cleansing process) or they may be touchless (meaning that only the cleansing, rinsing, and drying agents touch your vehicle).

Extensive Wash

An extensive wash provides everything the basic car wash does, but offers a more thorough cleansing of the outer areas of the vehicle. Whereas a basic wash focuses on the body of the car only, extensive washes also clean the automobile’s tires, leaving them looking shiny and new.

Premium Car Wash

For those looking for a “cream of the crop” type of exterior wash, a premium car wash is the way to go. Depending on the establishment, you may have several options for top-tier washes to choose from and they may also range in name, such as “superior wash”, “ultimate wash”, or “the works”. What sets these upper echelon washes apart from the rest is that they offer everything that basic and extensive washes offer…and then some! Expect your car to be waxed and have a protective sealant applied to maintain luster and repel dirt.


It takes a very skilled car wash operation to really determine which type of wash is best for your car, given its current condition. At Best Shine Car Wash and Detail, our experts will thoroughly evaluate your vehicle and suggest a comprehensive, yet affordable choice that will leave your vehicle spotless. We offer four car wash choices, including Ceramic, Platinium, Ultimate, and Supreme.