Should I Get a Standard Car Wash or Detailed Service?

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Anyone who owns or leases a vehicle often ask themselves the same question repeatedly: Should I just get a regular car wash or detail my automobile? Typically, if your car does not show signs of extensive stains, then the decision may often be left to personal preference. However, there are times when detailing your car is the better option. 

Man worker polishing car on a car wash

Let’s take a look at the differences between a standard car cleaning and detailing service to help you determine the best choice for your vehicle. 

Standard Car Wash

All cars will undoubtedly suffer from the usual accumulation of interior and exterior dirt, dust, and debris. If your vehicle exhibits a minor level of cleansing need, a standard exterior car wash or full service wash, during which the interior is vacuumed along with the exterior wash, should do the trick. But how often should you get your car washed?


Depending on your commute or living area, your car may be exposed to a range of environmental elements. Drivers whose routes take them through construction zones, dirt roads, or salt water beach areas should consider washing and waxing their vehicle more often than those who have few environmental obstacles to tackle during their commute or who work from home. That being said, if you work remotely and don’t use your vehicle for prolonged periods of time, consider investing in a car cover to shield your vehicle from the elements. 

Detailing Service

If your car has interior stains or heavy exterior stains (like tar), a detail service may be the route to go. When a car is detailed, every nook and cranny – both inside and out – is thoroughly examined and treated. The outside of the vehicle will be cleaned, dried, polished, and sealed by hand and the interior will be cleaned, vacuumed, and (if necessary) lubricated. Sometimes, even an air freshener can be applied. 

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