Automobile Carpet Cleaning Guide: What Every Driver Should Know About Removing Carpet Stains

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Ok, so you’ve got a couple of stains on your vehicle’s carpet. You may think “no big deal”, but in reality, if you let minor stains set in or if you let major stains go untreated, your carpet may suffer irreparable damage. 

Wash the car carpet.Detailing on interior of modern car.

Once you decide to treat the stains, the next question you should ask yourself is what cleaning solution to use. Sometimes a simple product can do the trick, while other times, a deep treatment is your best option. Below, we examine the top ways to treat vehicle carpet stains to ensure long-lasting and beautiful results.  


Vehicle Carpet Stains 101

Carpet stains can be difficult to treat, especially when it comes to your carpet stains in a car. A minor clear liquid spill can often be resolved by padding the spill dry with a paper towel or napkin, but larger stains or those resulting from grease, tar, color-altering materials, and other thick or hard-to-remove components can be tough to tackle. Plus, if you have a darker colored carpet in your vehicle, you can easily miss stains that have built up over time. To ensure the best results, you need to use products that are specifically targeted to remove the components of the stain in question and the color of your carpet in general.


Small and Minor Stains

Some car stains can be easily treated at home. Minor dirt, food, or general wear stains can often be removed using at-home products. Regular dish-washing liquid, club soda, and vinegar are cost-effective, yet powerful stain removers. You can opt to try each product separately or create a concoction using all three using a 1:1:1 ratio. Apply the mixture to the stain(s) and, depending on the severity, let it stand for five to ten minutes, then wipe or scrub using a microfiber towel for best results. If needed, repeat a second time until you achieve the desired results. 


Larger, Older, or Deep-Set Stains

Once stains have set in, are larger in area, or were caused by more hard-to-treat substances, you may need to opt for stronger cleaning materials, such as a steam cleaning or a full car carpet detail, where professionals will shampoo and/or steam your carpet using high-grade commercial products. Depending on the composition of your vehicle’s carpet, a professional can determine the best method to use to extract the stains while preventing damage to the microfibers, leaving your car’s carpet looking as good as new. 


For difficult, set-in stains or vehicles with dark carpeting, a professional car detail is a sure-fire way to ensure the stains are removed and the carpet is protected from further damage. Experienced car wash agents, like the team at Best Shine Car Wash and Detail in Boca Raton, FL, will also ensure the carpet is fully dried to prevent mold from developing on your vehicle’s carpet as well. 


If your car has a difficult stain or if you are unsure what stain-removal product to use in your vehicle, visit Best Shine Car Wash and Detail today or call us at 561-368-3333 to learn more about our carpet cleaning services.