Automated vs.Touchless Car Washes: Pros & Cons

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When in need of a simple car wash, many drivers may opt for a quick and inexpensive clean. But no two car washes are created equal; and many times, drivers are faced with the choice between an automated or touchfree car wash. The two may seem relatively similar, but they have their fair share of differences. Let’s explore them.

Automated Car Washes

Most traditional car washes are “automatic car washes”, which feature large brushes and wipers that scrub dirt and grime off your car, along with high-powered blowers that dry your vehicle after the cleansing process is complete.

Touchless Car Washes

Touchless car washes are the modern take on automated car washes. These types of car washes offer similar cleansing options, but advertise greater protection to your automobile in the sense that no brushes will actually come in contact with your vehicle, thus minimizing potential damage.

Pros and Cons

Both of these types of car washes are fairly inexpensive, though touchless car washes may often cost a dollar or two more. Both also offer a choice between a very basic clean or more in-depth cleaning options. But is one better than the other?


For those who opt for the traditional automated wash, many drivers complain that the brushes leave marks or other damages on their vehicles or simply move the grime on the car around without providing a thorough cleaning. Touchless car washes can offer a safer option for your vehicle, but the downfall is that tough or older stains and grime may not be sufficiently removed, thus, leaving the driver to have no other choice than to repeat the wash or take care of difficult stains by hand on their own.

The Solution

If you’re looking for the ultimate in car cleansing and protection, a more detailed package at a professional car wash establishment is the way to go.

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