How to Properly Clean Your Car’s Glass Surfaces

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When it’s time to get a car wash, many people focus on either (or both) the exterior of the vehicle or the interior upholstery. However, there is one automobile feature that commonly gets overlooked when drivers bring their vehicles in for a wash or detailing service: the glass surfaces. 

male hand cleaning car window with blue microfiber cloth

There are several glass surfaces on vehicles, including the windows and mirrors, but it may come as a surprise that these surfaces are not created equal. The material from which automotive glass is created differs widely from the glass in say, the windows in your home, vanity mirrors, or even the glass used on furniture items. Vehicles use a different type of glass that is commercial grade. In fact, the components in a car’s front and rear windshields differs from the components in the side door windows. For these reasons, it is important to understand the materials each glass surface is comprised so the appropriate products can be used to both maximize cleaning power and prevent accidental damage.  


Auto Glass Cleaning Products: Dos and Don’ts 

Many drivers assume that any regular glass cleaner can be used on their vehicle’s windows or mirrors, which leads them to use products like Windex or similar household glass cleaners. Unfortunately, because of the different components in auto glass, household cleaners are not appropriate for the job. Many household glass cleaners contain ammonia or alcohol, which can lead to streaks, discoloration, dehydration, and even diminish the strength of the glass, causing hazardous cracks. 


To avoid damaging your car’s glass surfaces, always opt for an ammonia-free and alcohol-free cleaning product. If only minor cleaning is needed, you can use deionized water to prevent spotting. For stains or tougher residue, use a mineral-based cleaner or degreaser. 


Glass Surface Cleaning Tools and Techniques: Dos and Don’ts 

It may be tempting to use a napkin or paper towel to clean your vehicle’s glass surfaces, but before you take the seemingly “easy way out”, it’s important to know that the tools you use to clean your car’s windows and mirrors matter just as much as the products. Did you know that paper-based materials, old shirts, and even socks can actually scratch the glass on your vehicle? Instead, use a microfiber towel for cleaning and buffing windows and mirrors. Have multiple microfiber towels on hand to avoid spreading dirt and grime and always clean in an up and down motion versus a circular motion. For targeting specific areas or water spots, you can also use a soft-bristled toothbrush. 

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